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Reacting to Objects: Mindfulness, Tech and Emotion

Originally posted on Museum in a Bottle:
There’s been a lot of discussion about mindful looking and unplugging in museums of late. By pure coincidence, I’ve been thinking about looking at objects while traveling over the last 2 months, developing…

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In which the kids are fine, shut up

Originally posted on Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com:
A note, before I start: I had to do research and learn what the hell the difference is between Holland, the Netherlands and Denmark before writing this post.  So obviously I am supposed to be…

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Charlie Hebdo. A Seven Year Old’s Reaction.

Originally posted on The Daily Think:
I didn’t get to switch the radio off in time this morning. She heard, and understood (it seems). This was her response.

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Hello world!

WordPress is a great place to start blogging. Easy to use – relatively easy to set up and is a great way to get content out into the world in just a few minutes. And the best thing of all … Continue reading

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